Alex R. Hernandez Jr. is an accomplished criminal defense lawyer and handles handled DWI cases and trials in Victoria Texas Victoria County and surrounding counties.

If you or a loved one has received a DWI you need an experienced DWI lawyer to handle matters including

ILLEGAL TAKING ISSUES- warrantless taking
BREATH AND BLOOD ISSUES – Did they request your breath or blood?
ADMINISTRATIVE ISSUES (LICENSE) – did they take your license/
BREATHALYZER ISSUES – did they calibrate the machine correctly?
OCCUPATIONAL DRIVERS LICENSE – will you need an ODL? We can get it for you and it may help get your discovery
DWI DEFENSE AND TRIAL – Alex has tried many a case to judge and jury involving DWI
DISCOVERY ISSUES – are there proper chain of custody issues in a blood draw?

Call Alex R. Hernandez Jr. and schedule an appointment in his Victoria Texas office if you have a pending DWI charge in Victoria County, Texas. 888HDZLAW8 or 575-3101.