1. What is the Difference Between Murder and Homicide?

    While the terms murder and homicide may be interchanged frequently, they certainly have very different definitions in the eyes of the law. The different variations of these crimes may all depend on the morality, cause, and execution of the act, all of which are usually decided upon by a jury. Homici…Read More

  2. Refugio County Sheriff’s Deputy is Arrested

    A Refugio County sheriff's deputy arrested Wednesday on a felony charge is accused of tampering with evidence at the scene of a death investigation. "This is an incredibly serious crime considering his position in the community," said Assistant District Attorney Tim Poynter, who is prosecuting the c…Read More

  3. Is The Impeachment of Donald Trump A Criminal Or Civil Trial ?

    As I watch the unfolding of the trial known as "The Impeachment of Donald Trump" I can't helping thinking that the general public may or may not know that the articles of impeachment are civil in nature although the actual ways that the President was impeached by the house was for "criminal" acts. A…Read More